Twin couch bean bag sofa in an airbnb

Add value to your air bnb apartment on a tight budget

Consider adding value to your Air Bnb apartment by investing in high design and small touches of beauty and homeliness. Renting out your apartment or part-home to tourists has become a great way to earn a second income for Australians. Air Bnb isnt just for professional developer or investors – it’s the personal touches that often add to the traveller experience. The Air Bnb world can be a lucrative one is also intensely competitive in Australian. It may sounds obvious but people like to see beautiful photos when selecting a place to rent, so investing in design for your apartment is important. There are simple ways to get good design going without breaking your bank. Here are some budget friendly steps to add value to your air bnb apartment:

Pick a theme or design concept to make your apartment look good and interesting.

Having a theme makes your apartment standout. You’ll be surprised at the décor you can find to fit your theme. Knowing if you want to go Asian or Scandinavian for instance will give you direction and avoid a hodge podge design outcome.

Bean bag blog bedroom upgrade
Bean bag blog bedroom upgrade

Photos : AirBnb

Pick furniture pieces that are comfortable and multi-functional.

When it comes to furniture, go for quality pieces that look appealing. Look for comfort and unique design and structure because they are also more durable. Lounge chairs and comfortable sofas are more desirable than wooden chairs or old fashioned bulky seaters.

Twin couch bean bag sofa from Instagram

Add some color to brighten up those walls.

A bucket of paint is all you need to completely change the vibe of your space. Just pick a feature wall to coat with your favorite color to get a good look going. Bright colors appear good in photos and will not over power when used sparingly.

Twin couch bean bag sofa in an airbnb

Decorate with prints and DIY Art.

After painting a feature wall you will want to add complimenting colors by hanging a few prints or art work. These don’t have to be expensive and can be bought form stores like Ikea. Remember to hang frames at eye level and pick the right sizes for your walls.

Modern art

Photo: Modern Lines Wall Art

Invest in good sheets and throw in a couple of printed decorative cushions.

Give your clients quality bed-sheets and make the beds look more appealing by throwing in a couple of cushions and throw pillows. Printed ones depending on your theme will add interest and can liven up your space in no time.

Student rooms

Pick pretty plates and fun table ware.

There are lots of plate sets that are quite affordable. Completing your customer’s experience by adding tableware coordinated with your theme is a great way to add value to your rental apartment.

Consider putting some interesting travel or coffee table books on your center table.

Add interest to your apartment with some coffee table books and travel guides for your guests. Go to your local bookstore or opt for second hand books if you are on a budget but carefully select meaningful ones. You might even find a book to complement your flat’s design theme!

Coffee table books

About the Author: Marilen Faustino Montenegro is a blogger & interior stylist; now based in Hong Kong. Marilen has designed and co-ordinated numerous residential and commercial projects in her 10 years of practice in Asia. She is also renowned as a model and TV host in the Philippines. Follow her on Instagram @marilenstyles | Twitter @marilenmonte And visit her interior design and lifestyle blog at for inspiration on design and home.