4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bean Bag

Modern furniture, like bean bags, are drastically dominating the interior and outdoor set up of homeowners. Why? Well, it is because they are very mobile and provide a constant level of support to one’s body. Besides, lounging on a comfy bean bag can be very therapeutic for muscle, joint, or back pains; making it extremely ideal for people of all ages!

However, choosing a bean bag can be a struggle, especially when there are so many options you can choose from on the internet. When choosing a bean bag, you must consider its shape, fabric, usefulness, and even the bean filling. If you are in the process of looking for a bean bag for your personal space, then this blog can surely help you.

What to consider when choosing a bean bag?

1. Shape

Bean bag chairs come in different shapes and sizes. Before purchasing one, you must first identify which bean bag shape would you like to incorporate in your living room, bedroom, home cinema, or your outdoor areas. The shape and size of the bean bag should also depend on how much indoor or outdoor space you have, and how you want to use that area.

Even more so, your personal needs also affect the shape of the bean bag chair you should choose. Are you purchasing a bean bag chair to lounge on while watching TV or Netflix? Or are you getting one because of ergonomic purposes?

Here are a few indoor bean bag chair options you might be interested in.

2. Fabric

Aside from shape, you must also pay attention to the fabric of the bean bag. Indoor bean bag chairs are often made of soft and comfortable fabrics, such as polyester. You can also look for waterproof nylon fabrics in case you want to place your bean bag chairs outdoors, such as your balcony.

The fabric should be extremely durable to withstand the harshness of the sun and the coolness of the weather. Lastly, it is best recommended to opt for a bean bag that is built to last and also easy to maintain. This will not only help you save money in the long run, but also save time when cleaning it up.

3. Usefulness

Where do you intend to place your bean bag chairs and how are you going to use it? Are you planning to replace your traditional couch with a modern bean bag chair? Set up a home cinema? Or place one beside your pool area to lounge on?

These factors are vital when choosing the right bean bag. You can opt for a twin couch sofa for your living room space, a twin avatar deluxe to enjoy the movie nights in your home cinema, and waterproof outdoor bean bags for your pool area.

4. Bean Bag Filling

Last but certainly not the least are bean bag fillings. Most bean fillings are made of ordinary polystyrene, but our bean bag beans are different. Our Ultra-Bead™ is 50% higher density, which means it is less noisier and more comfortable. On top of that, its quality allows your bean bag chair to remain in shape for a much longer time.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the idea on what to look for when choosing a bean bag, it’s time to select the perfect furniture that fits your space and style. offers a wide variety of bean bags – from bean bag chairs to bean bag tables. You name it, we have it!

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