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A selection of Designer Bean Bag Furniture for contemporary Aussie Homes

Whether it’s hanging out in UGG boots or lounging in designer bean bags, Australians just love stylish comfort. We’re Internationally famous as having the no worries lifestyle & that reflects in our home choices; such as bean bag chairs for cinema rooms to lounge living spaces.

If you want to enhance the aesthetics & tranquility of your Aussie home, have the ultimate companion and big choice of designer bean bag brands. At we stock a range of quality bean bag furniture to suit every requirement, from interior bean bags to waterproof outdoor bags, baby bean bags, kids bean bags & beautiful faux fur pet beds.

Our bean bag chairs in Australia are durable, structured & versatile. Bean bags designed to suit the Australian laid-back way of life where higher class relaxation is the key to home happiness.

If you’re looking to buy bean bags in Australia, you can trust to have the largest and most reputable range of beanbags and accessories available. Delivery is fast & reliable and we’ve been delivering door-to-door since 2004.

Get personal. Choosing Bean Bag Furniture to suit your individual Aussie lifestyle

Australia is a large and diverse country. At we have bean bags for every type of Australian household, from inner city chic apartments to big suburban houses or country manors.

Buy bean bag designs to suit your unique interior with a range of vibrant or relaxed colours and textures available, and styles including quilted full body bean bag loungers, sets with inclusive ottomans and footrest, modular bean bags, genuine leather bean bags, premium sofa weave fabric sets, faux fur trimming – the list goes on. We also stock a range of bean bag interior accessories, including iPad tech cushions and stress less headrests.

Our waterproof outdoor bean bags are perfect for Australia’s summers and are durable, washable and weather resistant, ideal for relaxing by the pool or even to take with you to the beach. Leave them outside or on the balcony with confidence.

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Easier, quicker bean bag filling means peace of mind. The Patented Funnelweb™ Zip-and-Tip Bag system means you will never spill the beans, you simply zip & tip the beans in via a secure funnel – ensuring there’s no dreaded mess on the floor.

Health Benefits of Bean Bags

We’re all working harder and longer. Bean bags can help. With stress becoming part of everyday living for many Australians, creating a haven at home is imperative. Along with reducing stress, there are numerous other health benefits to bean bags, including:

  • Promoting good posture
  • Comfortable and pressure free seating for pregnant & nursing women
  • Therapeutic for autistic children
  • Reducing headaches
  • Alleviating muscle and joint pain
  • Assisting with pain after a back injury

Get ready to increase your life quality and buy bean bags online. Visit our store pages and find a style and fabric that suits you and your family.

  • follow instructions carefully to ensure safety factor

Big Homes. Great weather. A BUYING guide for BEAN BAGS BRISBANE:

At we love Brisbane. It’s an emerging Australian city with culture and design and a relaxed style that suits premium bean ban furniture. Putting it simply, life is good here!

Brisbane is Australia’s third biggest city by population (nearing 2 million occupants) and one of the most ideallic weather-wise. The coldest month (july) averaging quite a temperate 15 degrees and the hottest month (January) hitting a lovey 26 degree average and not soaring too often over 35.

That makes owning either indoor or outdoor bean bag furniture an enticing proposition for its residents.From New Farm to Clayfield, we’ve been supplying Brisbane people some beautiful and unique bean bags for more than a decade. Shaking the Brisvegas tag labeled upon them by envious Melbourne and Sydney residents – Brisbane is maturing and its home living style is coming of age. Some of the most beautiful homes in Australia are now in Brisbane and we’d love to help you upgrade your lifestyle with some designer bean bag furniture.

Considering average Brisbane home size is 253 square metres there’s also a lot of room to work with in their open homes, which often have transitional indoor/outdoor spaces. Especially with high set Victorian era “Queenslanders” which are the ideal bean bag homes.

Accoring to Wikipedia, a queenslander is “a modern term for the vernacular type of architecture of
Queensland, Australia. It shares many traits with architecture in other states of Australia but is distinct and unique. The form of the typical Queenslander style residence distinguishes Brisbane’s suburbs from other capital cities. All have one or more veranda spaces, a sheltered edge of the building that is typically only part-enclosed and used as another living zone. This consideration for climate is the defining characteristic of the Queenslander type”
What that all means is that indoor/outdoor bean bag – especially easily movable furniture like modular bean bags – are ideal for Brisbane lifestyles.

Interior Bean Bag designer’s choice for Brisbane:

  • Coolness of fabric indoors would be best in Brisbane. Why not try the Ambient Lounge Tundra Spring or Keystone Grey Interiors fabrics in a style such as the Acoustic Sofa? Low and comfortable and perfect style for a Queenslander. At around $249 it’s a sound investment in Brisbane lifestyle.
  • For Home Cinema you can’t go past the Twin Couch in Eco Weave fabric combined with a Twin Ottoman – again by Ambient Lounge. This woven breathable fabric remains cool and has some warmth and cozy tactility in the winter months and cool nights. The avatar by Ambient Lounge also is great for full body lounging.

Outdoor Bean Bag designer’s choice for Brisbane

  • The Silverline Butterfly Sofa bean bag by ambient lounge has Brisnabe written all over it. Used by Aaron and Daniella of House Rules fame at their queensland home, it’s the ultimate tructured chair to sit on balcony or poolside and can be left outside in the elements. Buy from $269.
  • If you have a large Brisbane balcony or are lucky enough to own a pool, then the Satellite Sofa bean bag is uber comfy. Huge and quilted cloud-like bliss awaits and we recommend the Silverline or Oceana fabrics which are solution dyed and can cope with the humid conditions and even buckets of rainfall combined with constant sunshine. delivery quality bean bags door-to-door to Brisbane residents in 1-3 working days. For expert help on designing your Brisbane home with bean bag furniture, call us 1300 707 121 or hit us up on our live chat.