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5 spring season home décor ideas

There is something about spring air that makes us feel fresh and clean … and you can take advantage to reflect this light & bight optimism right within your home.

As the days get longer and the winds get warmer, we can utilize our dormant outdoor spaces and revamp our interior living to our changing moods.

Use this as a chance to literally do a “spring clean”. Clear out anything that you are no longer in love with and live by the quality-not-quantity ethos. Spring cleaning is not just about vacuuming and decluttering … it is about re-designing your space arrangement to redefine your living and give you that awesome Aussie feng shui.

To start the ball rolling, here are some handy hints for 2016 spring interior design.


Home Decor

Less is more as the Japanese always say. Muted soft color palettes and clean floorboards trap the light and can be accented with small colourful accessories. Just last year alone, Pinterest reports that light grey and white décor has increased by a whopping 40 percent.


For a touch on quirkiness and an instant spring outdoor vibe, colorful gumboots with coordinating colors of tulips or other spring flowers is a great touch. To add elegance and finish, tie on a boutique ribbon.


Acoustic Sofa by Ambient Lounge

Be bold with your occasional furniture to reflect your personality. For carefree vibes, use lighter textiles like a Sakura Pink Acoustic Sofa at the corner of your living room. Indoor plants can naturally make your living room look & feel fresh.


An old touch but adds so much subliminal warmth. Arrange so the books colour match the room and inspiring titles help the atmosphere. So don’t throw them into a garage sale just yet! Dust off those books you have been piling in your shelves for years. By shuffling and changing out your selection of coffee table books, it adds depth and intelligence to your environment.


DIY Gold Mason Jar Vases

2016 has been the year of the multi-functional mason jars. With mason jars, you can create 100’s of cool interior design ideas. For light accents, use masons jar candle lanterns or as hanging planters. Since spring season is all about blooming flowers, get floral and use tehm as glass vases in the colours of the season – finished with with a pink or blue ribbon. For vintage milk bottles, you can line up nine same-size vessels in 3 * 3 formation, wrapping them together with a gardener’s twine & tie the ends.

Such small and inexpensive touches can add a simplistic but breathtaking effect to your home.

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