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Benefits of Having Dog Beds: Why You Need to Get Your Dog a Quality Pet Bed

Still thinking twice about purchasing that pet bed for your dog? While it might seem like a completely unnecessary expense, you’ll be surprised at how important it is for your dog to have their own comfortable bed.

Having a quality dog bed not only provides benefits for your dogs, but it can actually make your life as a devoted dog-parent much easier too! Check out these 5 key benefits of getting your dog a high quality pet bed.

5 Benefits of Quality Pet Beds for Your Dogs

1. Good Pet Beds Support Joints

Aging dogs and even certain types of breeds are vulnerable to having joint problems like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Having a quality pet bed that provides the right support and cushion for your dogs can help in providing relief from the joint pain they’re feeling. On top of that, using a pet bed even during puppy stages can also aid in delaying the onset of these issues — or even completely prevent them.

2. A Premium Pet Bed Keeps Dogs Warm During Cold Weather

If you live in a place with four seasons or where it’s just naturally cold for the most part of the year, then it would be wise to have a premium pet bed to keep your dogs toasty warm when the temps drop. Letting them sleep on the floor increases their risk of getting sick during chilly nights. Pet beds, particularly those with thick beddings like fur, can provide the insulation that your dogs need to keep them comfy and healthy. On the other hand, you can also get a pet bed with a cooling cover to keep their body temperature in check for hotter days.

3. Pet Beds Establish Clear Boundaries

It can be hard to establish boundaries, especially with indoor dogs. You have to train them as early as possible to avoid unwanted issues like sleeping on your bed — unless, of course, this is exactly what you want. But for some fur-parents, it can be a huge problem dealing with fur and dirt on the bed, plus having to battle it out for space on the bed. Getting them their own pet bed can teach them boundaries when it comes to sleeping time. Establishing this will help in letting them know when they can sleep on your bed and when they need to sleep on theirs. Remember that it has to be on your terms, and not theirs.

4. Helps Preserve Your Furniture at Home

Your house can feel like a huge playground for your pups and dogs. By buying them something of their own, they’ll be able to focus on it as opposed to seeing each piece of furniture as their toy or their sleeping bed. With a pet bed, your dog wouldn’t use your expensive sofa or that pricey rug as their bed. In addition, you’re also providing them a clear safe space where they could just rest and retreat to whenever they want.

5. A Quality Pet Bed Promotes Good Sleep for Your Dogs

Did you know that dogs sleep for an average of 14 hours per day? That’s even more when they’re still puppies or when they become seniors already! Similar to us human beings, having a good sleep for dogs plays an important role in their overall health — or even their mood for the day! Helping your pups have a good night’s rest can also aid in faster and easier training, since it promotes better memory and focus as well.