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Top 3 Ways to Design Your Dream Summer Lounging with Outdoor Bean Bags

Summer is here in Australia and whether you’re still experiencing some COVID-19-related restrictions or not, you’re bound to be craving for some quality time under the sun this season — and the best part? You can do it right within the convenience of your own home. Probably one of the relatively good things that this pandemic has caused is that it brought out our creativity and resourcefulness in a lot of areas. One important area is redesigning our home to make it more livable and comfortable, especially during those long days of not being able to go out.  Now that the sun’s out, we know you’d love it even more if you could spend that much needed time under the sun and we’re here to help you create your dream summer lounging with some luxurious outdoor bean bags.

Factors in Choosing the Right Outdoor Bean Bag

Before you go on a shopping spree, it’s important to first know what you should be looking for in choosing the right outdoor bean bag. When it comes to any kind of outdoor furniture, you have to look past the design and be more discerning considering how intense the summer season can get in Australia. Here are 3 important factors in choosing the right outdoor bean bag in Australia:

1. Weather-resistant material

Sun, rain, wind, moisture, humidity, etc. — these are just some of the elements that outdoor furniture will be exposed to on a daily basis. You’ll need to have a bean bag that can actually weather the weather, whatever it may be. Having weather-resistant material means it’s water-resistant and has long-lasting durability before it gets worn out. Having this kind of material for your outdoor bean bag can also make cleaning a breeze compared to the regular materials used for indoor bean bags.

2. Easy to reposition 

Designing your dream outdoor lounge can mean going through a trial and error process. Simply put, you’ll want to move your outdoor bean bag and then move it again (and again) until you find the right area to position it on. Having bean bags makes it so much easier to redesign your outdoor space because it’s lighter to move around.

3. Comfort and functionality

What were you looking to use the outdoor bean bag for — sunbathing, reading, or maybe even sleeping? Naturally, you’ll use it for a lot of purposes, and choosing the right design for your outdoor bean bag comes into play here.   Lounging, especially during summers in Australia, means a whole lot of relaxation and lying around. With this, you need a bean bag that can comfortably fit your entire body to a T.

3 Ways to Design Your Outdoor Lounging with Bean Bags Australia

Now that we know what we want when it comes to soft outdoor furniture, it’s now time to think of the ways in which we can redesign your space at home to make it more summer-ready.

1. Place it on the patio 

Designer Lounge Bean Bag Set in RedTired of that steel dining table and chairs on your patio or terrace? Why not swap it for something way comfier like bean bags? This can be your alternative reading nook instead of staying indoors as you catch up on your favourite books. You can also opt to have your siesta there after having a good lunch as well. Designer Lounge Bean Bag Set in Red

2. Spruce up your garden lounge

Outdoor Garden Lounge Bean Bag Set in Grey Take it a bit further and bring your outdoor bean bags to your garden for some quality time under the sun. This is the ultimate way to optimize your space and feel as though you’re not confined within the four walls of your house. This is also a great (and safe) way to gather your family and close friends while also maintaining a safe distance from one another. Outdoor Garden Lounge Bean Bag Set in Grey

3. Create your perfect beach setup 

Beach Outdoor Lounge Bean Bag Set in BlueIf you’re lucky enough to have the beach well within your reach, you can definitely enjoy a beachside hang as you watch the waves, feel the breeze, and perhaps even watch the sunset on the horizon while lounging on your outdoor bean bag. Outdoor Beach Bean Bag Set in Red

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